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1542 Francis Bridge Rd
Davisboro, GA, 31018


We are a non profit youth home for boys 16 - 21 years old serving Georgia's at risk youth. We teach GED as well as a wide array of Vocational skills to our youth to help give them the skills to become successful & productive members of our communities.  

Meet the Staff

Over the past 30+ years we have developed an amazing, dedicated team to help these young men through their growth process. We have staff ranging from skilled trade teachers to professional employees and direct care team members. It truly takes such a diverse team to reach every need of the boys we serve.

Below are the names and positions of all the BSR board members, administration, and staff. Where applicable, their extensions will also be listed. To contact any of the following individuals, simply call (478) 331-6555. Those with extensions can be reached by dialing their extension numbers; to contact anyone without an extension, simply leave a message with extension 1010.

BSR Board of Directors

Gary L. Cobb
   Executive Director & Founder

David R. Cobb
   Administrator (ex 1043)

Mitch Sheppard

Robert Langford

BSR Administration

Gary L. Cobb
   Executive Director & Founder

 • David R. Cobb
   Chief Operations Officer (ex 1043)

Mae Cobb
   Program Manager & Intake Coordinator (ex 1010)

• Jennifer Brown
   Financial Coordinator (ex 1025)

Malena Williams
   Clinical & Grant Coordinator (ex 1037) 

Jamie Cobb
   Human Service Professional (ex 1030) 

John “Woody” Wood
   Human Service Professional (ex 1031)    

Staff Members & Positions

Chris Yaughn
Independent Living Coordinator

Malena Williams
Clinical Coordinator & Grants

Deborah Robinson
Transportation & Medical Records (ex 1032)

Glenn Mincey
Special Needs Instructor

Vocational Trades

Mike Robinson
Construction & Cabinetry Instructor  

James Price
Auto Maintenance Instructor 

Zachary Redding
Welding Instructor 

Daniel Cobb
Food Service Director

GED School

Marie Brown
GED Instructor

Doodle Johnson

Assistant GED Instructor

Student Supervision

Joann Landers
Overnight Student Supervision

Johnna Raines
Overnight Student Supervision

Charles Holloway
Overnight Student Supervision

Edith Anderson
Overnight Student Supervision

Rose Smith
Overnight Student Supervision

Lee Morgan, Jr.
Overnight Student Supervision

Phyllis Thomas
Student Supervision

Elfrieda Wilcher
Student Supervision

Tracy Knight
Student Supervision

Brianna Davis
Student Supervision

Kesi Maze
Student Supervision

Alicia Williams
Student Supervision

LaShonda Gilmore
Student Supervision

Mattie Washington
Student Supervision

Deller Washington
Student Supervision

Other Staff & Volunteers:

Hugh Yaughn