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1542 Francis Bridge Rd
Davisboro, GA, 31018


We are a non profit youth home for boys 16 - 21 years old serving Georgia's at risk youth. We teach GED as well as a wide array of Vocational skills to our youth to help give them the skills to become successful & productive members of our communities.  

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Transitional Living Programs

 We have two Transitional Living Programs: The Omega House in Augusta, GA is located a mile from the Augusta Mall and offers job opportunities as well as multiple secondary education facilities and The Joseph House in Statesboro, GA which is only located only a few miles from Georgia Southern University &  Ogeechee Technical College, to help give youth a successful transition at life.  This portion of our program is beneficial because BSR has to turn away 30 to 40 kids weekly because we do not have placement for them.  On October 23, 2015, BSR purchased the newest property in Statesboro, GA. The piece of property is nestled in front of a 300 acre cypress lake which was once the Smithfield golf course.