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1542 Francis Bridge Rd
Davisboro, GA, 31018


We are a non profit youth home for boys 16 - 21 years old serving Georgia's at risk youth. We teach GED as well as a wide array of Vocational skills to our youth to help give them the skills to become successful & productive members of our communities.  

Employment Opportunities

House parent Job  

Christian-based youth home for young men ages 17 & over searching for house parent/program manager for transitional living program in Statesboro & Augusta.  Applicants can be single or can apply as a married couple. 

Required qualifications include:

  • 21 years of age or older
  • CLEAN criminal background check
  • High school diploma or GED
  • Experience in a residential setting, working with youth, DOC, BOE, or other similar field

Job  Responsibilities

  • Managing/maintaining the household & ensuring the safety & well-being of youth
  • Communicating w/ program administration about youths' program progress
  • Helping youth find employment and/or registering for school & financial aid
  • Coordinating youths' schedules for work & school
  • Instructing or finding groups & classes w/ youth on budgeting, finances, personal growth, etc.
  • Shopping for food, supplies, necessities for the program
  • Transporting youth to & from work, school, and appointments

This position includes a salary, housing, a vehicle/gas allowance, and insurance  w/ Resumes & inquires can be submitted to, or via Facebook Messenger to Broken Shackle Ranch, Inc.  


Application and Job Responsibilities in Links Below:

Employment Application 

House Parent Job Responsibilities



Open positions

Below are our two Transitional Living Programs that we are seeking quality employees to become a significant part of our BSR family and family to the young men the we serve.


Joseph House

The Statesboro Location is Located on Hwy 46 just south of Statesboro Ga and has some of the most beautiful landscapes of anywhere around hand down.  There are a maximum of 6 youth that could stay here but generally we try to keep that number no higher than around 4 young men. We are located about 7 miles from town in a quiet portion of the county but still close enough to town the the burden of large transportation hurdles won't be a problem. 


Omega House

The Augusta Location is located aprox 2 miles south of the Augusta Mall off of Gorden Hwy with 6 acres and a home.   There are a maximum of 6 youth that could stay here but generally we try to keep that number no higher than around 4 young men. We are located in the middle of town to help aid with the transportation burden of getting guys to school and work daily. 

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